Lashon Daley

Amara Tabor-Smith. Photo by Lashon Daley

Amara Tabor-Smith. Photo by Lashon Daley

By Lashon Daley

On September 24, 2015, Amara Tabor-Smith premiered EarthBodyHOME, a multimedia performance art piece in honor of the life and work of artist Ana Mendieta, to a sold out audience at the ODC Theatre in San Francisco.  The work featured dancer Zoe Klein as Mendieta and Tabor-Smith as the orishas or dieties that birthed Mendieta into life and embraced her in her death.  EarthBodyHOME encapsulates not only the cycle of life and death, but all of the areas in between including love, curiosity, despair, abandonment, betrayal, strength, and most of all grief.  In order to resolve my own grief that resulted from the viewing of the performance, I met with Tabor-Smith to explore her intentions for EarthBodyHOME as well as how to seek resolution or restitution for others who were taken from this world too soon.  In this edited interview, I discuss with Tabor-Smith the beauty and the hard work that was manifested through her performance of EarthBodyHOME.

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