Keith Hennessy


Image by Robbie Sweeny.

This fall and winter I had an email conversation with Keith Hennessy about his new solo work, Bear/Skin. I had seen a study for it back in 2013, at SALTA’s PPP 10. We started this conversation after his in-progress showing in San Francisco, before the work’s premier at American Realness. We revisited the conversation after the piece was shown in full this January at the Joe Goode Annex in SF and in Oakland at the Omni. An edited transcript of our emails follows. 

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by Keith Hennessy
Joe Goode Annex
September 26, 2014

From the program:
“For its fifth anniversary, HMD’s Bridge Project presents Have We Come A Long Way, Baby?, a program that celebrates and explores a West Coast post-modern dance lineage through an intergenerational lineup of female soloists.”

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