BAYWATCH is a container for ongoing dialogue among local dancers, choreographers, performers, and scholars. The project came out of critical conversations during the summer of 2014 when many of us sought a venue to share our thoughts about the work we were seeing and making. We would like to foreground dance but not exclude writing about art, music, performance, theater, and politics. BAYWATCH is a project of the Dance Studies Working Group at UC Berkeley.

We want to spark incitements, total truth-to-dance-power without, however, inviting/hoping to rip one another apart. We are inspired by solidarity among artists. We are into expanding the notion of what it is to “go to a show.” We want to keep at the front of our minds the realities of race, space, and gentrification in relation to dance practices in the bay area. Critical discussion may ruffle and challenge our sensibilities, and we recognize that this discomfort is valuable. We hope to hold ourselves and others accountable in a direct and compassionate way.

BAYWATCH aims to be in solidarity with feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist politics.

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